Carentan, Normandy (France)

Carentan, located in Normandy, France, is a historic town with a rich heritage. Notable for its strategic role in World War II, it boasts charming streets, a picturesque port, and cultural significance.
Cycle routes passing Carentan
Tue, 9. May 2023
Eurovelo 4 - White flowers everywhere

Train... and most unfriendly host!

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Sat, 6. May 2023
Day 57

Rain, rain and rain. And a little more. Means a little cake, this time a little swan 😍 In the evening a really nice campground with a lot of people on bikes, which was great. Oh, I forgot. Another flat tire. They always happen when I stop somewhere to think about food. Luckily I was thinking under a bridge. Fixed it, but didn’t have a good feeling. Tire was already very used. So I looked for a bikeshop and found one in Agneaux. Really friendly guy! Changed the chain too and gave me coffee. Good news, he did not break anything 😘

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Wed, 10. May 2023
Day 60

What a beauty. Riding on the coastline around Omaha Beach on perfect gravel, cliffs and hardly anybody around. Ended in Port en Bessin which was a great small harbour village. Great campsite as well with a group of very friendly campers who invited me for dinner. And coffee in the morning. Very much appreciated! Day 59 I skipped here, only a short bike ride, followed by a train ride, ending at a very unfriendly gite host. Main reason was rain. Rained a lot.

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Sun, 7. May 2023
Eurovelo 4 - Lunch with oysters and white wine in the Normandy

Doing a little bit of a detour. I will meet parts of my family a little bit further west and they need some more days. Going up north along some landing beaches, most notably #utahbeach, along the coast up north to Barfleur. Highlight was little beach bar with great food. Oysters and fries! And Barfleur is certainly a cute little harbour village

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