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One thing that I learned on the journey, I don't like detours. Going in circles, not progressing. I was not fully aware of that then. My mother and her husband would soon be meeting me in the Bretagne. To overlap, I had to detour. My wounded hand, bad weather and going in circles didn't make this the greatest week. But well, still a great week if you compare it with sitting in the office.
Where the 399 kilometers took me
Fri, 5. May 2023
Day 56

Started with a lovely breakfast in the toolbox! What followed? Forests, fields and. Rain. Went to Vire to get a screw for the backpart where I attach my panniers. Somehow lost it. Found a bikeshop and they immediately put it in the workshop. Fairly complicated seeming. And then a big crack. He somehow managed to break the screw on the other side. They fixed it in the end and didn’t want any money for it. Which made me a bit suspicious. Right I was. They had cut the cable to my backlight. The most annoying thing to fix. Can always happen, but they should have told me.

Later I had lovely dinner at crepes place with my hosts. Great view!

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Sat, 6. May 2023
Day 57

Rain, rain and rain. And a little more. Means a little cake, this time a little swan 😍 In the evening a really nice campground with a lot of people on bikes, which was great. Oh, I forgot. Another flat tire. They always happen when I stop somewhere to think about food. Luckily I was thinking under a bridge. Fixed it, but didn’t have a good feeling. Tire was already very used. So I looked for a bikeshop and found one in Agneaux. Really friendly guy! Changed the chain too and gave me coffee. Good news, he did not break anything 😘

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Sun, 7. May 2023
Eurovelo 4 - Lunch with oysters and white wine in the Normandy

Doing a little bit of a detour. I will meet parts of my family a little bit further west and they need some more days. Going up north along some landing beaches, most notably #utahbeach, along the coast up north to Barfleur. Highlight was little beach bar with great food. Oysters and fries! And Barfleur is certainly a cute little harbour village

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Tue, 9. May 2023
Eurovelo 4 - White flowers everywhere

Train... and most unfriendly host!

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Wed, 10. May 2023
Day 60

What a beauty. Riding on the coastline around Omaha Beach on perfect gravel, cliffs and hardly anybody around. Ended in Port en Bessin which was a great small harbour village. Great campsite as well with a group of very friendly campers who invited me for dinner. And coffee in the morning. Very much appreciated! Day 59 I skipped here, only a short bike ride, followed by a train ride, ending at a very unfriendly gite host. Main reason was rain. Rained a lot.

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Thu, 11. May 2023
Day 61

A lot of clouds! But beautiful and enjoyable. The houses changed a lot! Right from fairytales or scary movies. Lots of tiny details and all look interesting. I drove by what must have been the worlds most impressive minigolf court in Carbourg. Very impressive, even I was tempted. I’m hunting for some days already some Schwalbe tires, which is super hard! Specially to get the same ones, mostly they have only one. Didn’t manage, they are now different, but I indulged myself and got them installed. After all, I did a 12km detour!

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Mood: happy :)