Cayeux, Normandy (France)

Cayeux-sur-Mer, located in Normandy, France, boasts a stunning pebble beach, Europe's longest boardwalk, and picturesque beach huts. The tranquil atmosphere and unique coastal landscape make it a serene destination.
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Weeks I stayed Cayeux
Tue, 16. May 2023
Eurovelo 4 - my Surly Disc Trucker in Dieppe, Normandie

Biking again! I had a few days off a break from biking, my family visited. It was great to see some familiar faces again and walk around without the bike.I’m en route to Calais now to get to the UK. I planned a rather long trip today. But plans are plans and don’t always work. My gears cable broke just when I finished the last ascend. Didn’t get fixed that day, but should be the next morning.

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Wed, 17. May 2023
Day 64

One of these rather uneventful days. Great route though with a lot of great cycle paths. A 3km stretch of fresh tarmac and a calypso road that meandered through an area that reminded me of the Golden Gate Park. Cable got fixed!

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Mood: happy :)