A break.
And visitors.

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The last week in France. For this leg of the journey. And it was a lazy one. Parts of my family were visiting and I enjoyed a bit of downtime, great food and going with the caravan. I still had to camp in my tent though. Just as with Italy, I was keen to leave France. Not because I did not enjoy it, but I was ready for the next country.
Where the 271 kilometers took me
Fri, 12. May 2023
Day 62

a short one. And man, I’m so glad that I cut it and didn’t go on the wiggles of the Velo Maritime. Not that it would have not been pretty, but just when I arrived it started to pour for the rest of the day. Reason for the cutting was that my family arrived. But I passed Deauville and Trouville. Der Strand von Trouville was the title of a movie I had the soundtrack of. And I listened to it a ton when I was young. Really good! So I wanted to see it. The next few days no cycling. Bit of a pause. Oh, I passed 4000km.

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Tue, 16. May 2023
Eurovelo 4 - my Surly Disc Trucker in Dieppe, Normandie

Biking again! I had a few days off a break from biking, my family visited. It was great to see some familiar faces again and walk around without the bike.I’m en route to Calais now to get to the UK. I planned a rather long trip today. But plans are plans and don’t always work. My gears cable broke just when I finished the last ascend. Didn’t get fixed that day, but should be the next morning.

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Wed, 17. May 2023
Day 64

One of these rather uneventful days. Great route though with a lot of great cycle paths. A 3km stretch of fresh tarmac and a calypso road that meandered through an area that reminded me of the Golden Gate Park. Cable got fixed!

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Thu, 18. May 2023
Eurovelo 4 - Surreal hills on the way to Calais

Last full day in France. For now. So glad that I changed the original plan to bike in the morning from Boulogne to Calais. Quite hilly and very beautiful. Special the one rolling patch with fields in different colours. Tomorrow of with the ferry to the Uk. Actually very excited!

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