Confolens, Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France)

Confolens, in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France, is a historic town along the Vienne River. Known for its medieval bridge and annual folklore festival, it exudes charm and cultural richness.
Weeks I stayed Confolens
Tue, 18. Apr 2023
Day 42

What shall I say. My host told me that she was so scared of dogs when biking. I almost got a tad cocky and said something along the lines that I'm no longer that worried about them.

I started the day in a small bakery. And a little bit of an awkward scene happened. A German bike touring couple went as well to the bakery. I'm not too talkative in the morning and they were very cheerful. I had forgotten my phone in snack bag and wanted to get. I reached for the door and the guy tried to greet my by hand. Very strange. Very German. I got my pain au chocolat and started biking.

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Thu, 20. Apr 2023
Day 43

Short ride was planned. To Lussac-les-Chateaux. A small town, but with a train station. I hadn't any campground booked, but there was one there, so I thought that should be fine. I passed some municipal campgrounds, but they were all still closed. It seems that the ones further up north are not necessarily opening in April. And yes, the one I aimed to stay at was as well closed.

I got a last minute AirBnb at a closeby town, Montmorillon, just a little bit further. Seemed like a nice little town, with a preference with slightly strange sculptures.

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Mood: happy :)