Honfleur, Normandy (France)

Honfleur, a picturesque harbor town in Normandy, France, enchants with its historic Vieux Bassin, colorful houses, and artistic legacy. The charming streets and maritime charm make it a timeless destination.
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Weeks I stayed Honfleur
Fri, 12. May 2023
Day 62

a short one. And man, I’m so glad that I cut it and didn’t go on the wiggles of the Velo Maritime. Not that it would have not been pretty, but just when I arrived it started to pour for the rest of the day. Reason for the cutting was that my family arrived. But I passed Deauville and Trouville. Der Strand von Trouville was the title of a movie I had the soundtrack of. And I listened to it a ton when I was young. Really good! So I wanted to see it. The next few days no cycling. Bit of a pause. Oh, I passed 4000km.

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Mood: happy :)