Houlgate, Normandy (France)

Houlgate, a charming resort town in Normandy, France, captivates with its sandy beaches, Belle Époque architecture, and vibrant atmosphere. Nestled between hills and sea, it offers a delightful coastal escape.
Cycle routes passing Houlgate
Thu, 11. May 2023
Day 61

A lot of clouds! But beautiful and enjoyable. The houses changed a lot! Right from fairytales or scary movies. Lots of tiny details and all look interesting. I drove by what must have been the worlds most impressive minigolf court in Carbourg. Very impressive, even I was tempted. I’m hunting for some days already some Schwalbe tires, which is super hard! Specially to get the same ones, mostly they have only one. Didn’t manage, they are now different, but I indulged myself and got them installed. After all, I did a 12km detour!

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Fri, 12. May 2023
Day 62

a short one. And man, I’m so glad that I cut it and didn’t go on the wiggles of the Velo Maritime. Not that it would have not been pretty, but just when I arrived it started to pour for the rest of the day. Reason for the cutting was that my family arrived. But I passed Deauville and Trouville. Der Strand von Trouville was the title of a movie I had the soundtrack of. And I listened to it a ton when I was young. Really good! So I wanted to see it. The next few days no cycling. Bit of a pause. Oh, I passed 4000km.

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Mood: happy :)