Ings, Cumbria (England)

Ings, in Cumbria, England, is a small village near Windermere. Surrounded by scenic countryside, it provides a tranquil setting and is a gateway to the Lake District's natural beauty.
Weeks I stayed Ings
Tue, 11. Jul 2023
My Surly Disc Trucker waiting for the ferry to Windermere in the Lake District

It looks more idyllic than it was. Again road closure. This time I took a gravel road up on the other side of the lake. It was so hard. When I arrived at after a downhill stretch, the gate seemed to be closed. I almost cried. Double carriage way again, and Windermere! So many tourists, so many cars, so unpleasant! On positive notes, the ferry was great! They had a bird that accompanied it all the time and was fed by the ferry operators. And the campsite at Ings! Exceptional. Not on flat grounds, but on a rather steep hill!

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Wed, 12. Jul 2023
IMG 3296 2

Preston, my Nemesis! I can’t fully remember the day. It must have been just an average day. Which is not bad! But I remember my arrival. Got a pint 🍺 in the local pub. Then decided to go to the campsite. It was empty, hardly any signs, almost spooky. After a while a dog appeared. It felt like the place I finally would be killed. So I decided to find a different place. Found a hotel. Very nice guy at the reception, some kind junkies moving over my bike like spiderman and finally a good night of sleep. Preston, on the way up, you were already not my favourite. On the way down certainly not. We won’t see each other again.

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Mood: happy :)