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Or not?

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Where the 433 kilometers took me
Fri, 7. Jul 2023
Eurovelo 1 - bikepath in Aberfoyle

A rollercoaster. Went up a beautiful climb along a loch. With great views and very few cars. Met a nice couple along the way, at a top of a hill. They said that that there would be some more coming as they did it already once. But they couldn’t remember exactly. So we agreed that ignorance is bloss. Got into Killin where I took a little lunch break. It started to rain. Quite a bit. So I extended the stay. When I started again, I was met with a beautiful path. And even a tennis court. Haven’t seen one in ages and I love them! But then, gravel! Uphill! Not my favourite! More rain! Not really happy… more rain. But then it turned so beautiful! Lots of lakeviews, small road, no cars. At times I felt like the train from Harry Potter, going through the highlands. Then again uphill with bad gravel through a national park. Very tough, but the landscape was absolutely gorgeous! Then a long downhill stretch into Aberfoyle. With the cutest cyclepath ever. Lots of illustrations covered the way with slogans to be more nature friendly. All in all, my favourite day! So much beauty! Unfortunately I don’t have many pictures to show as my phone was out of battery.

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Sat, 8. Jul 2023
IMG 3223

This was basically two days wondering where to go next. First taking shelter in a great hostel near Drymen. Met lots of nice people there and on the way. Then setting off towards west. But I stopped. In Glasgow. Took a room and had a think. Decided to go to Ireland on a different route. Planning seemed just a bit too hard and I couldn’t find a lot of accommodations. And I was sad that I didn’t see the Lake District. So decided to see this as well. Took a train to Carlisle.

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Mon, 10. Jul 2023
IMG 3241

Took a train to Carlisle and started biking from there. And I was met with A LOT of rain. Beautiful, but so rainy. Had to shelter for several hours. And closed roads. Which made it necessary to take a double carriage way. Not my favourite. So far, not too happy.

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Tue, 11. Jul 2023
My Surly Disc Trucker waiting for the ferry to Windermere in the Lake District

It looks more idyllic than it was. Again road closure. This time I took a gravel road up on the other side of the lake. It was so hard. When I arrived at after a downhill stretch, the gate seemed to be closed. I almost cried. Double carriage way again, and Windermere! So many tourists, so many cars, so unpleasant! On positive notes, the ferry was great! They had a bird that accompanied it all the time and was fed by the ferry operators. And the campsite at Ings! Exceptional. Not on flat grounds, but on a rather steep hill!

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Wed, 12. Jul 2023
IMG 3296 2

Preston, my Nemesis! I can’t fully remember the day. It must have been just an average day. Which is not bad! But I remember my arrival. Got a pint 🍺 in the local pub. Then decided to go to the campsite. It was empty, hardly any signs, almost spooky. After a while a dog appeared. It felt like the place I finally would be killed. So I decided to find a different place. Found a hotel. Very nice guy at the reception, some kind junkies moving over my bike like spiderman and finally a good night of sleep. Preston, on the way up, you were already not my favourite. On the way down certainly not. We won’t see each other again.

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Thu, 13. Jul 2023
IMG 3305 4

I decided to go back to mainland Europe. I would love to bike through Ireland, but right now I feel a big draw back. Weather is one concern, the other is that I don’t feel like going west, away from my at least temporary final direction. I’m like a horse once the furthest point is reached 😜 nice day biking, but the cycleways here don’t make me happy. Biking on a canal in France might be great, but biking on a canal, phew! Highlight of the day, a chat with two ladies, I would say in their late 70ies, biking on their road bikes and having fun! Oh, and I landed in the middle of a graduation celebration in Liverpool.

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