Les Sables d‘Or, Brittany (France)

Les Sables d'Or, situated in Brittany, France, is a coastal resort known for its golden sandy beaches, charming Belle Époque architecture, and the beautiful Cap Fréhel nearby. It offers a delightful blend of seaside relaxation and historical charm.
Cycle routes passing Les Sables d‘Or
Weeks I stayed Les Sables d‘Or
Mon, 1. May 2023
Day 52

Here comes the 1st of May! Started with a Far Breton. My favourite in the Bretagne. Even more than the Kouign Aman. Specially the plums! Again a beautiful ride. I enjoy it a lot to follow the small roads and not a canal or rim. More up by down, more diversity and in this case lots of small beaches. It seems to be a tradition to sell Maiglöckchen on this day. Would have loved to buy some, but wel… haven’t booked anything on that day and was glad to find a great campground. Did all my washing and pumped up the bike with a proper pump. A simple life, with simple pleasures.

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Tue, 2. May 2023
Day 53

Off to Saint-Malo! Again, fantastic beaches and a lot of sunshine! And then to Saint Malo. A very rare picture of my bike and me, helas with eyes closed. But clearly with quite a bit of tan and a happy smile. Picture taken by @bertierluyt, thank you for hosting me!

On a less happy note. I have seen so much roadkill while being on the tour. There was a tiny town in Italy where within 300m there were two cats, one badger and a hedgehog. The biggest dead animal I’ve seen dead by the street was a cow, but many many smaller ones as well, here a little fox.

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Mood: happy :)