That beauty.
And gore.

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There are these moments where you bike, and you just have a big smile on your face. Because it's so beautiful. This week I had many of these. No more canal, nice and winding roads and the sea. Absolutely gorgeous, but as well more hilly than expected.
Where the 473 kilometers took me
Fri, 28. Apr 2023
Day 49

The day started with a breakfast in a wonderful place. Didn’t get to eating really as the host was quite inquisitive or let’s say we had a good conversation.

Kept the ride short, as my bake break really didn’t work anymore and I had to get it fixed. Brakes not working with a heavy bike like this is not possible, specially with hills. Mor‘les, a bike shop in Morlaix was great, fixed everything! Thank you!

Continued up the coast. And man, it’s beautiful. Stopped at a camp ground in Primel. Kindly asked the lady to get a spot a bit off all the RVs. And that’s what I got. A beautiful view! Well, until one of them parked in front of me. I slowly get a bit allergic to them. Ended the day with oysters, moulds frites no succession. Perfect!

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Sat, 29. Apr 2023
Day 50

Actually a bit of a milestone! Quite crazy that I have fifty days of pure biking behind me! And I couldn’t have spend it in a more beautiful place! The northern coast of Bretagne. It was quite foggy in the morning, but I love that. Hills, seaside, fog. Reminded me so much of the coast of Northern California. Which is one of my most favourite places in the world.

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Sun, 30. Apr 2023
Gigantic plants on the campsite in Perros Guirec

Another beautiful day in the Bretagne! I left my camp office and must say that I was overwhelmed a bit by the plants at the camp site. They were huge and beautiful! Going a little bit away from the coast and reaching a beautiful bridge at Trégulier. Here as well, amazing how everything is blooming. There are always so many little flowers along the road. It's very hard to capture their beauty fully.

Totally overwhelmed, when I came to the coast again. Cliffs, the sea, wildflowers. Beyond beautiful. The only downside are all these RVs. They really are not adding anything.

Reached the little town of Binic. Found a nice pub and had a beer. All restaurants were just closing when I came in or did not open yet. Popcorn did the job, but I definitely need to eat more vegetables

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Mon, 1. May 2023
Day 52

Here comes the 1st of May! Started with a Far Breton. My favourite in the Bretagne. Even more than the Kouign Aman. Specially the plums! Again a beautiful ride. I enjoy it a lot to follow the small roads and not a canal or rim. More up by down, more diversity and in this case lots of small beaches. It seems to be a tradition to sell Maiglöckchen on this day. Would have loved to buy some, but wel… haven’t booked anything on that day and was glad to find a great campground. Did all my washing and pumped up the bike with a proper pump. A simple life, with simple pleasures.

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Tue, 2. May 2023
Day 53

Off to Saint-Malo! Again, fantastic beaches and a lot of sunshine! And then to Saint Malo. A very rare picture of my bike and me, helas with eyes closed. But clearly with quite a bit of tan and a happy smile. Picture taken by @bertierluyt, thank you for hosting me!

On a less happy note. I have seen so much roadkill while being on the tour. There was a tiny town in Italy where within 300m there were two cats, one badger and a hedgehog. The biggest dead animal I’ve seen dead by the street was a cow, but many many smaller ones as well, here a little fox.

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Wed, 3. May 2023
Day 54

The first accident happened. From Saint-Malo to Mont Saint-Michel. A beautiful ride, but stretchy. Along the coast. You can see Mont Saint-Michel ages before you actually get there. I’m not a big fan of these rides, specially if there‘s headwind. But, many many oysters along the way by taking my time made it nonetheless nice. They even have oyster vending machines here, that would be my dream to have in of these closeby my house.

All was good, until I reached Saint-Michel. Lots of people make me always nervous. Plus a shared road with pedestrians and people not really used to biking. Pedestrians come towards me, a group of people on bikes overtook them, they saw that I was coming. Then they gaze around and get into my part of the road. Shaved off quite a bit of my hand with their handlebar. One of the pedestrians helped me clean the wound, but I was quite furious about the bikers. It’s so important to look at the road. A lot of people don’t get it. I biked quickly to the actual Mont Saint-Michel, but didn’t get in. Too many people. I’m going to stay away from these mass tourist attractions. They might be beautiful, but I have never enjoyed them.

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Thu, 4. May 2023
Day 55

Biking through forests and not so hilly areas is not as spectacular, but it is still very beautiful. Lots of flowers blossoming, lush green everywhere. And yeah, quite some rain as well. I don’t mind it too much, as long as it’s not pouring. And as long as there’s no thunderstorm. Thunder and lightning freak me out quite a bit when I’m on the bike. But not today.

Stayed in a BnB, and enjoyed it quite. Mainly because my hand was hurting still a bit and because of the rain. Having a crash, even when not really bad, is something that takes a day for me to get over it.

Got some strawberry cake and cooked in the evening. Plus, I ate whole head of salad.

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