Manderen, Grand-Est (France)

Manderen is a commune in northeastern France, situated in the Moselle department. This small village is known for its historical sites, including the Château de Malbrouck, and its picturesque surroundings.
Cycle routes passing Manderen
Weeks I stayed Manderen
Tue, 15. Aug 2023
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Rain, rain, rain. Before that, a nice downhill part through vineyards. Arrived in Schengen and basically decided to take emergency shelter in a hotel in Manderen. Very short ride. Might be obviuthat the last few days haven’t been my favourites. As I’m already quite a bit in the future, I know that glorious days will come. Obviously it’s not specifically about the regions themselves, but rather a combination of timing and mood. Would be happy to visit each area again.

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Wed, 16. Aug 2023
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Another short day, heavy thunderstorm announced for that area and I want to reach a campsite before. Quick dip into Germany. And that was quite a thunderstorm. Set up the tent, did some shopping and then watched the spectacle under a cover. Glad to have had that structure around me, and super confident that my tent can hold the rain. Which it did! Oh and: #iseefaces

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Mood: happy :)