Mittersheim, Grand-Est (France)

Mittersheim, located in the Grand Est region of France, is a picturesque village surrounded by nature. Known for the Mittersheim Reservoir, it offers tranquility, outdoor activities, and a charming rural atmosphere.
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Weeks I stayed Mittersheim
Thu, 17. Aug 2023
EuroVelo 5 - rose gardens and industrial building on the way to Saarbrücken

An uneventful day, nicely biking through the Saarland. Always fascinating to see all these factories and industrial buildings. A really well maintained garden is a happier view though. The biggest event the next morning: a family of beavers!

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Fri, 18. Aug 2023
Eurovelo 5 - Vallée des Éclusiers in the Alsace

We’re getting there. Very tired of going along the canal, I branched out and took a different route. Day started very foggy, but with great views. And then came a super nice oute along rocks and little houses. Well canal houses, but that route was great! Btw, I hardly talk about the very details of the route and villages I’m passing. Simply because it’s so much, but will take some time to share more once I’m back.

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