Perros-Guirec, Brittany (France)

Perros-Guirec, in Brittany, France, is a coastal town renowned for its stunning pink granite cliffs, picturesque beaches, and the Ploumanac'h lighthouse. Rich in Breton culture, it attracts visitors with its natural beauty.
Cycle routes passing Perros-Guirec
Weeks I stayed Perros-Guirec
Sat, 29. Apr 2023
Day 50

Actually a bit of a milestone! Quite crazy that I have fifty days of pure biking behind me! And I couldn’t have spend it in a more beautiful place! The northern coast of Bretagne. It was quite foggy in the morning, but I love that. Hills, seaside, fog. Reminded me so much of the coast of Northern California. Which is one of my most favourite places in the world.

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Sun, 30. Apr 2023
Gigantic plants on the campsite in Perros Guirec

Another beautiful day in the Bretagne! I left my camp office and must say that I was overwhelmed a bit by the plants at the camp site. They were huge and beautiful! Going a little bit away from the coast and reaching a beautiful bridge at Trégulier. Here as well, amazing how everything is blooming. There are always so many little flowers along the road. It's very hard to capture their beauty fully.

Totally overwhelmed, when I came to the coast again. Cliffs, the sea, wildflowers. Beyond beautiful. The only downside are all these RVs. They really are not adding anything.

Reached the little town of Binic. Found a nice pub and had a beer. All restaurants were just closing when I came in or did not open yet. Popcorn did the job, but I definitely need to eat more vegetables

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Mood: happy :)