Preston, Lancashire (England)

Preston, in Lancashire, England, is a vibrant city with a mix of historic and modern architecture. Known for its university, parks, and cultural events, it offers diverse experiences.
Weeks I stayed Preston
Wed, 12. Jul 2023
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Preston, my Nemesis! I can’t fully remember the day. It must have been just an average day. Which is not bad! But I remember my arrival. Got a pint 🍺 in the local pub. Then decided to go to the campsite. It was empty, hardly any signs, almost spooky. After a while a dog appeared. It felt like the place I finally would be killed. So I decided to find a different place. Found a hotel. Very nice guy at the reception, some kind junkies moving over my bike like spiderman and finally a good night of sleep. Preston, on the way up, you were already not my favourite. On the way down certainly not. We won’t see each other again.

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Thu, 13. Jul 2023
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I decided to go back to mainland Europe. I would love to bike through Ireland, but right now I feel a big draw back. Weather is one concern, the other is that I don’t feel like going west, away from my at least temporary final direction. I’m like a horse once the furthest point is reached 😜 nice day biking, but the cycleways here don’t make me happy. Biking on a canal in France might be great, but biking on a canal, phew! Highlight of the day, a chat with two ladies, I would say in their late 70ies, biking on their road bikes and having fun! Oh, and I landed in the middle of a graduation celebration in Liverpool.

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