Primel, Brittany (France)

Primel, situated in Bretagne, France, is a coastal hamlet known for its serene beaches and rugged cliffs. With a charming harbor and scenic landscapes, it provides a tranquil seaside escape.
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Weeks I stayed Primel
Fri, 28. Apr 2023
Day 49

The day started with a breakfast in a wonderful place. Didn’t get to eating really as the host was quite inquisitive or let’s say we had a good conversation.

Kept the ride short, as my bake break really didn’t work anymore and I had to get it fixed. Brakes not working with a heavy bike like this is not possible, specially with hills. Mor‘les, a bike shop in Morlaix was great, fixed everything! Thank you!

Continued up the coast. And man, it’s beautiful. Stopped at a camp ground in Primel. Kindly asked the lady to get a spot a bit off all the RVs. And that’s what I got. A beautiful view! Well, until one of them parked in front of me. I slowly get a bit allergic to them. Ended the day with oysters, moulds frites no succession. Perfect!

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Sat, 29. Apr 2023
Day 50

Actually a bit of a milestone! Quite crazy that I have fifty days of pure biking behind me! And I couldn’t have spend it in a more beautiful place! The northern coast of Bretagne. It was quite foggy in the morning, but I love that. Hills, seaside, fog. Reminded me so much of the coast of Northern California. Which is one of my most favourite places in the world.

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Mood: happy :)