Rockfield, Monmouthshire (England)

Rockfield, in Monmouthshire, England, is a scenic village surrounded by lush landscapes. Famous for the Rockfield Studios, it has played a significant role in the music industry, hosting legendary recordings.
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Tue, 30. May 2023
Land's End to John o'Groats - Severn Bridge near Bristol

Biking from Bristol over a bridge. Never sure what I think of them, but in the end, always a bit scared. Maybe due to a little accident I had on the Golden Gate Bridge, but this one was empty, so no problems. Then I went through beautiful mountains down a valley to Tintern Abbey. Reminded me almost of the Alps. Ended on a small campsite in the middle of nowhere with a great panorama.

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Wed, 31. May 2023
IMG 2208

The most exciting thing, I finally made my first coffee! I got this excellent little foldable kettle from SeaToSummit and it worked like a charm. Getting coffee is essential for me, if I don't get it, I get a bit cranky. This is solved now. Still a bit scared of the gas tanks though, but well... Ride was, as far as I can remember, uneventful and nice. I remember this one part where they're planting quite some trees, which was great to see. Oh, and I met two bike touring people who looked actually cool once I left my camp spot. We shared the road for exactly 100m. Camping in the evening was great, with a surprise visit of cows taking a bath in the river beside my tent.

And another thing. I love the public footpaths. Great idea. But mostly not bikeable, which my route is sometimes neglecting. Will need to look up the history behind them, and the one of the #bridleways as well.

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Mood: happy :)