Saarlouis, Saarland (Germany)

Saarlouis, a charming city in western Germany, is renowned for its well-preserved Vauban fortress, Baroque architecture, and the picturesque Ludwigsplatz. Rich in history, it offers a blend of cultural heritage and modern vitality.
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Weeks I stayed Saarlouis
Wed, 16. Aug 2023
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Another short day, heavy thunderstorm announced for that area and I want to reach a campsite before. Quick dip into Germany. And that was quite a thunderstorm. Set up the tent, did some shopping and then watched the spectacle under a cover. Glad to have had that structure around me, and super confident that my tent can hold the rain. Which it did! Oh and: #iseefaces

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Thu, 17. Aug 2023
EuroVelo 5 - rose gardens and industrial building on the way to Saarbrücken

An uneventful day, nicely biking through the Saarland. Always fascinating to see all these factories and industrial buildings. A really well maintained garden is a happier view though. The biggest event the next morning: a family of beavers!

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Mood: happy :)