Sauvagnac, Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France)

Sauvagnac, in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France, is a serene hamlet surrounded by rolling hills. With its peaceful atmosphere and rustic charm, it provides a tranquil escape in the heart of the French countryside.
Weeks I stayed Sauvagnac
Mon, 17. Apr 2023
Day 41

iseefaces. Well only one, but it summarizes how I feel today. Again beautiful streets, but today was actually a bit tough. A lot of up and down. Up not in a way where you get through with going down first, but where you're tempted to push. But not a real climb. Plus the wind, headwind. It doesn't end. I'm so curious whether wind is stable once I go West again. Quite likely not, instead of coming from NE it will turn to W. I'm sure. Oh well.

I'm staying in a little old/new camper today. Very nice. But was even better. I expected that I would not get any food at all. It's often the same. Once I see a supermarket I think it's still too far away from the finish line. And then comes. Absolutely nothing.

But my host made me a whole quiche Lorraine, a green salad, a great dessert, plus a meringue. Fully stuffed. Thank you!

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Tue, 18. Apr 2023
Day 42

What shall I say. My host told me that she was so scared of dogs when biking. I almost got a tad cocky and said something along the lines that I'm no longer that worried about them.

I started the day in a small bakery. And a little bit of an awkward scene happened. A German bike touring couple went as well to the bakery. I'm not too talkative in the morning and they were very cheerful. I had forgotten my phone in snack bag and wanted to get. I reached for the door and the guy tried to greet my by hand. Very strange. Very German. I got my pain au chocolat and started biking.

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Mood: happy :)