Scalloway, Shetland Islands (Scotland)

Scalloway, in the Shetland Islands, Scotland, is a historic village with a picturesque harbor. Notable for Scalloway Castle, it holds a significant place in Shetland's maritime and wartime history.
Weeks I stayed Scalloway
Sat, 1. Jul 2023
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That rain! I arrived on the Shetland Islands after a pretty comfortable ferry ride. Had to wait a bit until I could check in to my hotel and was really excited to get biking! Went down to West Burra. Weather not great, but acceptable. Made a quick stop at a bus stop and it started pouring. Really so that I didn’t want to leave. Waited for half an hour, didn’t get better. A can stopped and asked whether they could take me somewhere. First I said no, thanks. I wanted to bike. Then I thought again and agreed. They brought me to Scalloway where I had seen a coffeeshop. They didn’t had space for me. Walked to the grocery. And saw a hotel. Checked whether they had a room and called it a day. Good decision. Rain just got worse, really bad. Ate sweets, watched some documentary about the Shetland islands and met somebody who gave me a lot of information about what to see. What I had seen so far was very beautiful already and I looked forward to the next day.

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Sun, 2. Jul 2023
Mood: happy :)