Thorntwaite, Cumbria (England)

Thorntwaite, in Cumbria, England, is a quaint village near Bassenthwaite Lake. Surrounded by stunning landscapes, it offers a peaceful retreat and easy access to the Lake District's natural beauty.
Weeks I stayed Thorntwaite
Mon, 10. Jul 2023
IMG 3241

Took a train to Carlisle and started biking from there. And I was met with A LOT of rain. Beautiful, but so rainy. Had to shelter for several hours. And closed roads. Which made it necessary to take a double carriage way. Not my favourite. So far, not too happy.

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Tue, 11. Jul 2023
My Surly Disc Trucker waiting for the ferry to Windermere in the Lake District

It looks more idyllic than it was. Again road closure. This time I took a gravel road up on the other side of the lake. It was so hard. When I arrived at after a downhill stretch, the gate seemed to be closed. I almost cried. Double carriage way again, and Windermere! So many tourists, so many cars, so unpleasant! On positive notes, the ferry was great! They had a bird that accompanied it all the time and was fed by the ferry operators. And the campsite at Ings! Exceptional. Not on flat grounds, but on a rather steep hill!

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Mood: happy :)