Torigny-les-Villes, Normandy (France)

Torigny-les-Villes, in Normandy, France, is a picturesque town with a rich history. It features notable architectural landmarks such as the Saint-Pierre Church and offers a peaceful atmosphere surrounded by scenic landscapes.
Cycle routes passing Torigny-les-Villes
Weeks I stayed Torigny-les-Villes
Fri, 5. May 2023
Day 56

Started with a lovely breakfast in the toolbox! What followed? Forests, fields and. Rain. Went to Vire to get a screw for the backpart where I attach my panniers. Somehow lost it. Found a bikeshop and they immediately put it in the workshop. Fairly complicated seeming. And then a big crack. He somehow managed to break the screw on the other side. They fixed it in the end and didn’t want any money for it. Which made me a bit suspicious. Right I was. They had cut the cable to my backlight. The most annoying thing to fix. Can always happen, but they should have told me.

Later I had lovely dinner at crepes place with my hosts. Great view!

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Sat, 6. May 2023
Day 57

Rain, rain and rain. And a little more. Means a little cake, this time a little swan 😍 In the evening a really nice campground with a lot of people on bikes, which was great. Oh, I forgot. Another flat tire. They always happen when I stop somewhere to think about food. Luckily I was thinking under a bridge. Fixed it, but didn’t have a good feeling. Tire was already very used. So I looked for a bikeshop and found one in Agneaux. Really friendly guy! Changed the chain too and gave me coffee. Good news, he did not break anything 😘

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Mood: happy :)