Pillars Of Hercules Organic Farm Shop & Cafe

This place was recommended to me by a friend, so I was excited to camp there the night. I loved as well how it seemed to be a place that appreciates bicyclists. On the website it states that bikes don't need to be booked beforehand, there would always be a space for them in a separate cycle camping area. So, while I usually booked my stays the night before, I did not feel any need to book. I had a quick look on pitchup, but there was only a pitch for tents for 18 pounds, not the 6 pounds mentioned. This reassured me that it would be fine.

I do have a keen interest in food and farming. The idea of staying at an organic farm was as well exciting. But then it came different.


Falkland, Cupar KY15 7AD, United Kingdom

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My tent pitched at Pillars of Hercules in Fife

My beautiful pitch

Pillars of Hercules has the best cookies: the chococlate gingers from the Island Bakery

Chocolate Gingers from the Island Bakery. Available at the shop

Poly tunnels at Pillars of Hercules

The polytunnels of the farm

To have a little bit of a framework to evaluate campsites for bike travelers, I wrote my criteria down in another post. The review is based on these criteria.


As I wrote, their website states explicitly that cyclists don't need to book beforehand. I showed up at the shop to check in and to pay. To my surprise, the guy at the counter said, that they're full. When I mentioned their website and that I didn't have anywhere else to stay, he talked to the manager. While I waited for the manager, he complained about how bad the owner was. On and on, I was not interested. After talking to the manager, they found a spot for me and said that they wanted to remove the text from the website. Overall, this was a very negative experience. First the wrong text, and then the whole situation. Communication was bad and it felt like a toxic place, the way they interacted with each other.

Place away from cars

There was no area especially for cyclists or backpackers. The small vans were not a problem though.

Chair or seating

I didn't feel like asking, but it didn't seem like that.

Access to electricity

There might have been electricity in the bathrooms, I didn't look.

Common room

There's a coffee shop where one can sit. It's open from the morning to the late afternoon. They do serve food there as well, all organic to my understanding.

Shop or onsite imbiss

They do have a great shop, where you can get everything you'll need. All are organic, and the vegetables, at least partially, are from their farm.

Located near a bike route

Directly located at the National Cycle Network Route 1

Beautiful location

The area is very beautiful. It's surrounded by fields and you have great views on the surrounding hills.


I'm not going there again. While the pitch was very beautiful and the shop was great, I felt that their communication was totally off. If I wouldn't have been so stubborn, they would have sent me away. I just had a look at their website and the text about cyclists not needing to book beforehand was still there. If you feel like going there, the campsite itself is nice, give them a call. I would not book for 18 pounds on pitchup, it's far too expensive.

Last update: 7. February 2024
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