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Sat, 10. Jun 2023

Day 84 - from Bonnybridge to Falkland

Diverging from the normal LEJOG route into the east. Into Fife. I have some extra days at my hands before meeting a friend in Inverness. Again, beautiful ride, now even with a lot of signage! Unfortunately the theme of garbage on the side of the road continues, at least they make it now a bit more spectacular. Evening started a bit unpleasant, as the camping spot had totally miscommunicated their policies, but got a good night sleep in the end.

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IMG 2416
78 C20 D8 F E267 4 E80 8 F9 B 1 F06 FB51 CB80
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Pillars of Hercules has the best cookies: the chococlate gingers from the Island Bakery
Mood: happy :)