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Wed, 5. Jul 2023

Day 103 - from south of Inverness to Newtonmore

Back on the mainland! And I got trees, plenty of them. I saw the royal Scotsmen train, biked on beautiful paths and the rain was not too bad. Only in the morning, something mysterious happened. The clothes in one bag were soaking wet. I have no clue what happened, need to keep an eye on that. Glad that I decided to bike from Inverness south, I would have definitely missed some beautiful landscapes! On the way up north, I took a route through Fife and the east coast.

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IMG 3124
IMG 3125
IMG 3126
IMG 3127
IMG 3131
EuroVelo 1 - bike path near Aviemore
IMG 3134
IMG 3136 1
IMG 3138
EuroVelo 1 - slow sign along the road in the Scottish Highlands
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IMG 3146
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Mood: happy :)