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Thu, 9. Mar 2023

Day 9 - Meandering around to Vico d'Elsa

My first rest day is approaching. To get there, it's just the tiniest of rides. As it's so short I decided to do a little detour to Certaldo. I listened to a podcast where they were talking about this little town and it sounded very exciting, but to be honest, not soo much to see here. But I got a cold drink, which I appreciated.

On the way to Vico d'Elsa I saw the first female solo biker, we just crossed and waived. It's great to see that people are slowly start biking, haven't seen so many yet. And yes, still very early spring. And that comes with unexpected puddles, big puddles. I was supposed to pass through a street, but the underpass was completely flooded. So I tried the next, but not a lot better. But decided to get through the mud, and well. My shoes are no longer white.

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Vico d'Elsa is very tiny. But it has a church, great views and a botanical garden, which is quite astonishing. People were generally super friendly. I decided to get a drink at the local Circolo ACLI, which is actually something like a local pub, but run by the christian workers, I believe on a voluntary basis. They had home baked cake and gave me a very generous slice and as well a very generous red wine. For very little money. An old guy was pretty curious what I was up to, and we had a nice conversation. Nice as it can be with no shared language, but we were laughing.

My AirBnB was at an old farm yard. I hoped to meet some locals, but the host was actually german. She was friendly, but there's a kind of people which would consider themselves very likely left, open and alternative, but then they're really not like that. I find them sometimes a bit self-righteous and not very entertaining. But well, the village was cute. On my rest day I visited the Giardano Sottovico, which is not only a botanical garden, but basically as well a social space with workshops and things alike. I think it's great when these sort of places exist in smaller communities and if you find your way ever to Vico d'Elsa you should definitely go there.

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