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Mon, 31. Jul 2023

Day 123 - from Breisach to Karlsruhe

What a day! It all started nice, with cake and bretzel! I decided to go to the edge of the Black Forest, instead of following the Rhine. Very beautiful area. Lots of small allotments, vineyards and great views on the Rhine valley. I had planned a rather short day. On a break I looked at a news site and that changed my plans. Super heavy rain was announced on my way to cologne. So, I wondered what best to do. If I would go towards cologne it would be useless to take a train there as my brother was still on vacation. So I looked for trains to my hometown. All was booked for bikes, only one very early the next day was available. Decided to bike to Karlsruhe and take that early train. I had some Käsespätzle and Maultaschen and then spent the night in the train station. Pretty unpleasant, but very much not worthwhile to spend money on a hotel for such a short night. Once I arrived in Fulda, I biked to my home village in heavy rain and took a warm shower.

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Mood: happy :)