Day 14 Week 4 Day 16
Thu, 16. Mar 2023

Day 15 - from Berceto to Castelnuovo Fogliani

Cold fresh mountain air. And a long way down. Not the worst start into a day. Great views as well, with still some glimpses of the Alps. I decided to not bike into Parma. I've been there on a different visit and generally bigger cities are not too enticing. A short break in Fornovo di Taro, small town but all the things I needed for a quick break. And an impressive riverbed of the Taro.

Continued further to Fidenza where I got some lunch, actually a big portion of pizza for quite little money. I place myself at some squares and observed again quite some people. Definitely a city which is bike friendly and very little car traffic. Which is always great to see.

Anoli in Brodo
EuroVelo 5 - a little pee break
EuroVelo 5 - view from Berceto
EuroVelo 5 - view on Taro in Fornovo

In the evening I stayed in a hotel, which was advertised as some sort of agritourism place. Definitely wasn't, they only had some animals. And to be frank, I did not find that they were too well taken care of. What was taken care of though was my hunger. I got a huge meal with several courses and a whole bottle of wine for very little money and a friendly waitress. Favourite was definitely the anoli in brodo. It's a dish that I could easily eat every day.

Mood: happy :)