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Sun, 19. Mar 2023

Day 18 - from Monte to Turin

No hills today. At all. Therefore a lot of kilometres. A tad more than 101km. The landscape is definitely less spectacular than Tuscany, but has it's own charms. Many small backroads, hardly any traffic. And an unexpected nice roll into Turin.

Only little time left in Italy, then France! Can't wait. The impact of not speaking a language is not to underestimate. While I love being on my own, I do love a bit of chit chat every now and then. Did not happen often in Italy.

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EuroVelo 8 - poplar groves in Piedmont
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And while there were hardly any hills, it was at times really strenuous and slowed me down. One important aspect of how fast you can go is the surface. And when the surface is pebbles, there's no biking, at least for me. So I had to push, on flat land. I'm sure some people would be able to bike these, but my tires are pretty narrow and the bike is quite loaded.

One thing that was quite present were poblar groves. Not sure why or for what they're used. But they were sort of impressive to see, very ordered. At the same time as well a bit sad as there was hardly any natural about them.

As mentioned, the way into Turin was quite nice. No big streets, but rather a park along the river Po. Not ideal to bike, specially with so many people, but a great entrance. Would have loved to see it a bit later in the year, when the trees have leaves.

Turin was a good day for a rest day! Lots of restaurants, farmers markets and bars. And local hills that could be climbed. Definitely worth a visit for later! I stayed in an AirBnB with a washing machine, and there was a lot of washing to do!

I did bring my bike as well to a bikeshop, to do a little check in. Great service!

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