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Tue, 21. Mar 2023

Day 19 - Turin to Monastera

Day 19, in terms of cycling, was a surprise. First, a pleasantish ride out of Turin. And all of sudden the Parco Naturale di Stupinigi. A great park, a straight street, no cars. The following streets were super enjoyable as well. Small, hardly cars, no deep gravel. And then I stood before my first cycleway that was formerly a railway. Super nice as well. And then, in the Po haze, I saw the first mountains. Huge, but hardly visible. I was glad to see some mountains again, specially the Alps. And I biked through so many apple orchards which started to bloom.

Eurovelo 8 - road in the Parco Naturale di Stupinigi
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IMG 0663
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IMG 0667
EuroVelo 8 - beehives in the Piedmont, Italy
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