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Thu, 23. Mar 2023

Day 21 - from Sanremo to Nice

I arrived in France! And I have a new favourite. Going through tunnels. Today I went through many tunnels, with and without cars. They're actually quite fun, just like in another sphere. The ones with the cars were not a problem, french drivers are SO polite. I almost feel bad for them when they drive behind me for a long time. I took a different round then originally planned. Wanted to quickly pass Monte Carlo. Never been there. And yes, my legs are bruised. And the tan lines will be bonkers. But they get stronger by the day. Originally I thought I would need to get smaller jeans, but actually I might get bigger ones to fit all these future muscles.

EuroVelo 8 - bike tunnel near Sanremo
IMG 0709
IMG 0712
IMG 0715 3
Eurovelo 8 - Monte Carlo
IMG 0717 1
Mood: happy :)