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Mon, 27. Mar 2023

Day 24 - from Fayence to Taradeau

It was so windy, that it was almost hard to just stay on the bike. At one point I was crossing the Viaduc du Rayol. 159m long and 40m high. I'd say roughly 5m wide. In the middle there was so much wind that I actually thought I fall off. I already in my head made my peace being dead soon. But well, still alive. Wind gone today. Today was as well the first night I was camping after having had a great stay with my Warmshowers host.

Eurovelo 8 - Viaduc du Rayol
Eurovelo 8 - french tartes are the best
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IMG 0813

It's fun, even though I made such a mess. Figured out today how to un/pack more organized. Security by obscurity is my motto for keeping my bike safe. It's locked to a chair and a little bit attached to the tent. If anybody wants to get it, I'd be awake. The next few days are planned. A bit more milage and mostly camping. I discovered Campanyan which seems to be pretty cool, booked two stays with them. Lets see.

Oh, the dinner last night. The camping spot I'm in right now was great, but it doesn't have food. So, I biked to the next village. All was closed. In my desperation I ran into a barbershop to ask whether they know where I could get food. First he wanted to give me his chocolate bar, and then pointed me to a grill. I unlocked my bike and he was running behind me, because he wanted to give me money. So sweet, obviously I declined. That's how I had my second Kebap ever. Even living in Berlin for a long time and being in the South of France.

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