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Thu, 6. Apr 2023

Day 32 - From Vic-la-Gardiole to Béziers

Day didn't start well off. No coffee. Cold. Mosquitos. Strange camp ground, really nobody out there. Packed as quick as possible to get off going. But the #Garmin was full again and my laptop empty. Had to reset the whole thing and reconnect. If anybody has a tip to do it more effective, let me know. And I didn't get into biking. I was looking for coffee, nothing. In Sète I almost had a chance, but got into the strike. After Sète I finally got some in a great bakery. Long ride on the coastline, beautiful. But it's again a bit boring. I need to plan the rest of my route that I don't get into too many of these. Yesterday I got lost in La Grande Motte. A huge beach town. Terrible. You get in and out easily, but the in between is just a total confusion of direction. They try to get you onto cycle paths shared with pedestrians all the time, even though the road has great surface and is almost empty. I fall for it every time. Last day on #Eurovelo8, heading towards Bordeaux.

IMG 1017
IMG 1018
Eurovelo 8 - mediterranean coast
IMG 1021
IMG 1023
EuroVelo 8 - a beautiful house in Béziers
Mood: happy :)