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Wed, 3. May 2023

Day 54 - from St. Malo to Mont St. Michel

The first accident happened. From Saint-Malo to Mont Saint-Michel. A beautiful ride, but stretchy. Along the coast. You can see Mont Saint-Michel ages before you actually get there. I’m not a big fan of these rides, specially if there‘s headwind. But, many many oysters along the way by taking my time made it nonetheless nice. They even have oyster vending machines here, that would be my dream to have in of these closeby my house.

All was good, until I reached Saint-Michel. Lots of people make me always nervous. Plus a shared road with pedestrians and people not really used to biking. Pedestrians come towards me, a group of people on bikes overtook them, they saw that I was coming. Then they gaze around and get into my part of the road. Shaved off quite a bit of my hand with their handlebar. One of the pedestrians helped me clean the wound, but I was quite furious about the bikers. It’s so important to look at the road. A lot of people don’t get it. I biked quickly to the actual Mont Saint-Michel, but didn’t get in. Too many people. I’m going to stay away from these mass tourist attractions. They might be beautiful, but I have never enjoyed them.

Day 54
Day 54
Day 54
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Day 54
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