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Thu, 4. May 2023

Day 55 - from Mont St. Michel to Sourdeval

Biking through forests and not so hilly areas is not as spectacular, but it is still very beautiful. Lots of flowers blossoming, lush green everywhere. And yeah, quite some rain as well. I don’t mind it too much, as long as it’s not pouring. And as long as there’s no thunderstorm. Thunder and lightning freak me out quite a bit when I’m on the bike. But not today.

Stayed in a BnB, and enjoyed it quite. Mainly because my hand was hurting still a bit and because of the rain. Having a crash, even when not really bad, is something that takes a day for me to get over it.

Got some strawberry cake and cooked in the evening. Plus, I ate whole head of salad.

EuroVelo 4 - view on a far away Mont Saint-Michel
Day 55
Day 55
EuroVelo 4 - strawberry cake in Brittany
Mood: happy :)