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Wed, 8. Mar 2023

Day 8 - From Monteroni d'Arbia to Colle di Val d'Elsa

Bad start, trying to get out of this car hell. Going through many smaller towns it's actually quite interesting on how they all work. The worst ones are certainly the ones that are just around a street, where cars are rushing through. Specially if there are not even sidewalks, the only option to move around is to drive by car.

Eventually the road turned calmer though and I was entering the area of Siena. Beautiful hills and neighbourhoods, a horse came by, people were walking and running.

IMG 0377 1
EuroVelo 5 - my Surly Disc Trucker in Siena, Italy
IMG 0379 1
IMG 0389 1

In Siena itself I was greeted by some pupils who handed me over a little bouquet of Mimosas. That felt super welcoming, but was obviously not just for me, but for all women who came by. It's a tradition in Italy. If you look at the picture below you can see them peeping out of my snack bag.

Siena was generally a super friendly place. The Piazza del Campo is very impressive and invites people to sit and enjoy the sun. I didn't have breakfast that morning, so I was very curious when I saw the little hut on the piazza. They were selling fritelli, some sort of fried dough, and they were delicious. I didn't take a proper picture, I was very hungry.

On the piazza I was approached by two english men. They thought I was from the UK as well. Happens all the time, I guess all the Brooks panniers. It was fun to talk a bit, to be honest. Most of the time are very friendly but far more people than I thought don't speak english at all. It's always nice, but quite a dance. They wrote me down some parts of Scotland that I should definitely visit.

In front of the Duomo di Siena I encountered as well the first bike touring influencers. Strange term, but easiest way to describe it. A couple, with a dog and the guy had a very pretty purple Canyon bike. They took pictures in front of the Duomo.

The rest of the route to Colle di Val d'Elsa was nice, I guess. I really need to write down these summaries more in time, otherwise I can't remember. The one thing that I can remember was a 30m stretch into the city that was so steep that it almost fell like making a drop in in a half pipe. Was fun.

As accomodation I can only warmly recommend Palazzo Pacini. I think I got a very great deal, as I only paid around 65 Euros and had the most amazing room and breakfast.

Mood: happy :)