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Mein erstes Zelt.
Ein Sierra Designs Flashlight.

Ich habe meine Reise mit einem Zelt begonnen, das ich bereits hatte. Ein super tolles Sierra Designs Zelt. Ich habe es vor einigen Jahren bei REI in San Francisco gekauft. In dieser Version ist es nicht mehr erhältlich, aber wenn du noch eins ergattern kannst, würde ich es auf jeden Fall empfehlen. Damals wollte ich ein Zelt, das wie ein Zelt aussieht. Neutrale Farben, vertraute Form, keine Verrücktheiten. Und genau das habe ich bekommen.

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The tent is not free-standing. Did not bother me, maybe only once when other people could pitch their tents under a roof, but for the rest all good. And it is spacious, very spacious. While being quite light, at least for a tent in this price class (I think it was back then around 400$), with 1.5kg. I'm 1.80m tall and I never had any trouble lying down fully stretched out, or to sit in the exits comfortably.

It has only one layer and is quite easy to set up. My absolute favourite though is that it has two doors, one to each side, with storage space on both of them. While many people might not see on how this is advantageous, I found it like absolutely useful. On the one hand, it's like having a front and back door. While the front exit can be used to sit and look out, the other exit is good for leaving garbage and other things. On the other hand, the two doors, with their possibilities to look out allows you to actually see what's going on around you. I always parked my bike behind my tent and could easily have an eye on it.

Ein Australian Shepherd bewacht mein Zelt
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Wunderbarer Ausblick aus meinem Zelt

I was super content with this tent, the one downside maybe were the side poles. When the tent was wet and you had to set them up, it sometimes happened that the cloth was ripping. This was only at an area though that was not essential for being waterproof. And once the holes were in, it was easy to handle ;).

In terms of rain, it was for a long time pretty waterproof, not to the extreme, but good enough. But, due to my lack of caretaking, the seams eventually let water through. I had never impregnated the tent, which I should have done. I decided to get a new tent, but did not want to just throw this tent away. I sent it by mail back to Germany and will be happily using it, after impregnating it.

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