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Very little cycling. But fleeing from the rain and being really lazy. Very enjoyable, with one downside. After multiple rest days I develop quite some back pain. Need to figure out how to ease out of the daily routine once I finish my trip.
Where the 291 kilometers took me
Stage From To Distance cycled this weekDistance Ascend climbe this weekAscend Average speed this weekSpeed
Day 124 Eichenzell Kernbach 131km 930m 19km/h
Day 125 Kernbach Siegen 75km 880m 16km/h
Day 126 Cologne Kelmis 85km 770m 18km/h
Total distance of the bike tourTotal: 291km 2580m 18km/h
Sat, 5. Aug 2023
IMG 3648 1

En route to Cologne! A tiny bit strange to bike from your hometown to the next destination. But great to see areas you know roughly well through that lense. Even though I hardly know the vogelsberg, but the names I know well. Today no rain, only a bit of fog in the morning, that will change though.

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Sun, 6. Aug 2023
Rain kicking in on the Sauerland route

I had a big plan. Simply going directly to cologne. 180km with quite some hills. Was excited about it, I could do it! Half an hour into the ride I was completely soaked, missed some signs, had to do some big detours and was actually done with the day. Like completely. Decided to bike to Siegen and take the train. The area was very beautiful though and I will return, when there’s better weather.

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Thu, 10. Aug 2023
IMG 3796

A day with mixed feelings. Going through Aachen, or touching the outskirts. Lived there for five years and really didn’t like it there. In the end I met great people, but that city… and Düren, man. My first landlord was from there. Terrible. Made it to Kelmis in Belgium though. Nice campsite, with chickens. But really could not understand the people in the local pub, even though they were speaking German. Oh, and it was great to have some days off in Cologne and meet my family.

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Mood: happy :)