Formello, Lazio (Italy)

Formello, a charming town near Rome, Italy, exudes a peaceful atmosphere with its picturesque streets and historic buildings. Surrounded by lush nature, it offers a tranquil escape from city life.
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Weeks I stayed Formello
Thu, 2. Mar 2023
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At last, on the road again! I consider myself now an expert train rider in Italy, but it was about time to actually start pedalling again. I took in the morning a train from Naples to Rome. Easy peasy. It was great to be in Rome again, and while it might seem for some people a little bit daunting to bike in Rome, it's actually good. Definitely helped that I spent last November there to know my way around a bit, even though I rode once in circles.

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Fri, 3. Mar 2023
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What I learned so far from staying at different accomodations, they can be hit or miss. It not always depends on the price you pay. Formello was great in that regard and in the evening I was driven by my host to a great local restaurant, where I not only had Cacio e Pepe, but a Carbonara as well. Actually couldn't fully finish it.

As the first day went great, I was looking very much forward to that one, hoping to not encounter any dogs. To my surprise, just outside of Formello, there were no wild dogs, but free ranging horses. A lot better! And It started with quite some steep hills. One thing that I learned, or rather accepted. There's no shame in pushing your bike up the hill. It's very different riding whether you go with a super light weight road bike or a fully loaded touring bike. It can be frustrating, but eventually one arrives.

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