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Thu, 2. Mar 2023

Day 2 - from Rome to Formello

At last, on the road again! I consider myself now an expert train rider in Italy, but it was about time to actually start pedalling again. I took in the morning a train from Naples to Rome. Easy peasy. It was great to be in Rome again, and while it might seem for some people a little bit daunting to bike in Rome, it's actually good. Definitely helped that I spent last November there to know my way around a bit, even though I rode once in circles.

EuroVelo 5 - bike path along the Tiber in Rome

'd say that is now my official starting point of the tour. One of my spots in Rome, the road along the Tiber

I'm a little bit confused about the length of the route. Originally it was 60km, but it somehow got shorter while riding it. I might have added some waypoints that in the original plan added to it.

As mentioned, biking in Rome seems to be actually just fine. Generally, I found that the Italian drivers are actually pretty courteous. I hope I'm not jinxing it, but when I compare it to Berlin or Brandenburg it's definitely more civilized. What might help is that the cars are generally smaller, hardly any SUVs on the road.

The bikelane along the Tiber was great, and what was even better was to see some other bikers along the way. In Brindisi I haven't seen a single rider. One thing to note if you plan to take this route. You should check where it's easy to actually get on it within the city. Mostly it's stairs and you don't want to do that with a loaded bike. In my route I take a ramp which I've known from before.

I had a chat with three old Italian guys which was great, but bumpy. My Italian.

All in all, nice landscape, uneventful, instilled some confidence. Didn't crash with any dogs. Plus, I was greeted by a super nice host, who made me coffee and who's driving me now to the local restaurant. Cacio e Pepe!

Mood: happy :)