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Fri, 3. Mar 2023

Day 3 - From Formello to Barbarano Romano

What I learned so far from staying at different accomodations, they can be hit or miss. It not always depends on the price you pay. Formello was great in that regard and in the evening I was driven by my host to a great local restaurant, where I not only had Cacio e Pepe, but a Carbonara as well. Actually couldn't fully finish it.

As the first day went great, I was looking very much forward to that one, hoping to not encounter any dogs. To my surprise, just outside of Formello, there were no wild dogs, but free ranging horses. A lot better! And It started with quite some steep hills. One thing that I learned, or rather accepted. There's no shame in pushing your bike up the hill. It's very different riding whether you go with a super light weight road bike or a fully loaded touring bike. It can be frustrating, but eventually one arrives.

EuroVelo 5 - Postcard from Naples
A short break at Campagno Romano
EuroVelo 5 - Free ranging horses in Formello
Free ranging horses

Overall this tour was quite hilly at times, but I went through great landscapes and encountered quite some free ranging animals. Among them as well dogs. Which was actually fascinating to see. They were herding a group of cows. No human in sight, but they had a job to do and they did it well. The two rather big white dogs always had an eye on me, but never came close. And obviously I didn't rush into or by the cow herd. We did well. And it was good to encounter them to calm my nerves a bit in regards of dogs.

Just before the rain came in I arrived at my accomodation for that night. A great little farm, with a ram. A little bit of an unfortunate surprise was that there restaurant was actually closed. But I found some cheese and ham in the nearby town.

IMG 0274
EuroVelo 5 - road up to Barbarano Romano
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EuroVelo 5 - a Fiat loaded with hay
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