Monastero, Piedmont (Italy)

Monastero, located in the Province of Cuneo, Piedmont, Italy, is surrounded by scenic landscapes. Known for its historical charm and rural beauty, it offers a tranquil escape in the Italian countryside.
Cycle routes passing Monastero
Weeks I stayed Monastero
Tue, 21. Mar 2023
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Day 19, in terms of cycling, was a surprise. First, a pleasantish ride out of Turin. And all of sudden the Parco Naturale di Stupinigi. A great park, a straight street, no cars. The following streets were super enjoyable as well. Small, hardly cars, no deep gravel. And then I stood before my first cycleway that was formerly a railway. Super nice as well. And then, in the Po haze, I saw the first mountains. Huge, but hardly visible. I was glad to see some mountains again, specially the Alps. And I biked through so many apple orchards which started to bloom.

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Wed, 22. Mar 2023
EuroVelo 8 - train station in Cuneo

Today was a meh day. Mostly because of me. I had a great breakfast and my host showed me a very old wagon that was used to put down fires. Beautiful tiny roads with apple orchards. A quick chase from a small dog. And then a train ride, or actually three. The advise was to bridge the alps on this part, because the streets are not fully worked out. That's what I did. And I think that's when the meh started. Maybe it was not me. I had to switch trains two times. And all elevators were too small to fit my bike. I had to do the stairs, which is super annoying. My blue spots slowly disappeared, but now they're back with some smaller scratches. Really bad entrances to the trains as well. Was a lot better on my initial travels. I survived, but was so exhausted, that I forgot my pack of cigarettes in the shop. Which left me more annoyed. I could not fully enjoy the amazing cycleway along the coast. I did my best, but sometimes it doesn't work. Tomorrow is another day. Last night in Italy for that part.

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