Monteroni d'Arbia, Tuscany (Italy)

Monteroni d'Arbia, a picturesque town in Tuscany, Italy, charms with its historic architecture, including the ancient Cassero Senese. Surrounded by stunning landscapes, it offers a peaceful Tuscan experience.
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Tue, 7. Mar 2023
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This was a day with a perfect start. A pushy middle. And a disappointing end.

It all started in the morning at Gallina. And here I decided to actually take the EV5 route, for some reason. I again went up a bit the wrong hill and then I came to Bagno Vignoni. That was wow. It's a little town with a hot spring. The hot spring was going down through the village and then down the mountain. A super special feature was a natural hot pool in the center of the Bagno Vignoni. Beautiful! The push up afterwards was definitely worth it.

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Wed, 8. Mar 2023
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Bad start, trying to get out of this car hell. Going through many smaller towns it's actually quite interesting on how they all work. The worst ones are certainly the ones that are just around a street, where cars are rushing through. Specially if there are not even sidewalks, the only option to move around is to drive by car.

Eventually the road turned calmer though and I was entering the area of Siena. Beautiful hills and neighbourhoods, a horse came by, people were walking and running.

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Mood: happy :)