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Tue, 7. Mar 2023

Day 7 - From Gallina to Monteroni d'Arbia

This was a day with a perfect start. A pushy middle. And a disappointing end.

It all started in the morning at Gallina. And here I decided to actually take the EV5 route, for some reason. I again went up a bit the wrong hill and then I came to Bagno Vignoni. That was wow. It's a little town with a hot spring. The hot spring was going down through the village and then down the mountain. A super special feature was a natural hot pool in the center of the Bagno Vignoni. Beautiful! The push up afterwards was definitely worth it.

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Once I reached the top of the hill, I rolled down to San Quirico d'Orcia. A nice little town to have a coffee. And then down to Monteroni d'Arbia. So far my least like area. The street was so crowded, car after car. No sidewalks. And my hotel was in the middle of all of it. No food, so I had to some shopping. First village, store was closed permanently. Had to walk two villages back. All on this terrible road. Very unpleasant. If you plan to take this tour, I would try to get through that as quick as possible.

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Mood: happy :)