Surava, Graubünden (Switzerland)

Surava, in Graubünden, Switzerland, is a charming village with traditional Swiss architecture. Surrounded by mountains, it offers a tranquil atmosphere and is a gateway to outdoor activities in the Alps.
Tue, 29. Aug 2023
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While being in Fanas, I tried to make a decision where to go next. Having three days being stuck in a room while rain pouring down, I had too many options. Original plan was to go via the Albula pass. Then I thought about the Gotthard and the San Bernardino. The Albula I was a bit worried about the weather conditions, but then I didn't want to go down all the way to Italy again. In the end I decided to do the Albula, but have another day to wait out the most heavy rain. I decided to stay a day in Surava and all would be fine.

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Thu, 31. Aug 2023
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The biggest ascend! 1560 meters, the majority on the first few kilometers. From Surava, after waiting out another round of rain, I went up the #albulapass. My host did not have high hopes, that I would make it. But of course I did. It's just a matter of taking your time. The first kilometers to Bergün were quite steep, or actually not too steep but looking at the side of the road was a bit shocking. It went down and down. After Preda came the beautiful Lai da Palpuogna and then the trees slowly disappeared and at 2,312 m they were all gone. Very beautiful pass and glad that I decided for this one. After the pass it went downhill, literally and for quite some time. After a closed road and a detour I finally got to my bed and slept well.

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