and the Albula pass

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There has been so much rain! I already planned for that, but had to extend my stay in Fanas a day, as it was simply pouring. Waiting and having nothing better to do than planning has the effect of having too many options. After a lot of back and forth, I finally decided for the Albula Pass. And it was fabulous!
Where the 179 kilometers took me
Stage From To Distance cycled this weekDistance Ascend climbe this weekAscend Average speed this weekSpeed
Day 141 Urigen Fanas 65km 850m 15km/h
Day 142 Fanas Surava 56km 410m 16km/h
Day 143 Surava Cinuos-Chel 59km 1560m 12km/h
Total distance of the bike tourTotal: 179km 2850m 14km/h
Fri, 25. Aug 2023
IMG 4037 1

Finishing the Klausenpass. The night was quite spectacular, a lot of thunderstorm and a lot of lightning once I arrived in Urigen. Very glad that I decided to split the pass, otherwise I might have ended in the middle of nowhere in these weather conditions. Originally I had planned a longer tour for that day, but decided to cut it a bit short with the help of the train.

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Tue, 29. Aug 2023
IMG 4135

While being in Fanas, I tried to make a decision where to go next. Having three days being stuck in a room while rain pouring down, I had too many options. Original plan was to go via the Albula pass. Then I thought about the Gotthard and the San Bernardino. The Albula I was a bit worried about the weather conditions, but then I didn't want to go down all the way to Italy again. In the end I decided to do the Albula, but have another day to wait out the most heavy rain. I decided to stay a day in Surava and all would be fine.

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Thu, 31. Aug 2023
IMG 4195 2

The biggest ascend! 1560 meters, the majority on the first few kilometers. From Surava, after waiting out another round of rain, I went up the #albulapass. My host did not have high hopes, that I would make it. But of course I did. It's just a matter of taking your time. The first kilometers to Bergün were quite steep, or actually not too steep but looking at the side of the road was a bit shocking. It went down and down. After Preda came the beautiful Lai da Palpuogna and then the trees slowly disappeared and at 2,312 m they were all gone. Very beautiful pass and glad that I decided for this one. After the pass it went downhill, literally and for quite some time. After a closed road and a detour I finally got to my bed and slept well.

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