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Tue, 29. Aug 2023

Day 142 - from Fanas to Surava

While being in Fanas, I tried to make a decision where to go next. Having three days being stuck in a room while rain pouring down, I had too many options. Original plan was to go via the Albula pass. Then I thought about the Gotthard and the San Bernardino. The Albula I was a bit worried about the weather conditions, but then I didn't want to go down all the way to Italy again. In the end I decided to do the Albula, but have another day to wait out the most heavy rain. I decided to stay a day in Surava and all would be fine.

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While biking, my brake stopped working, completely. At least the one in the back. Going up a pass with a broken brake, no problem. But down. So I took it as great luck that it happened the day before the Albula and was even more lucky to find a great bike repair shop that could fix it. Tiefencastel to Surava was advised not to take the road and the people at the bike shop made that clear as well. Far too busy. I took the train. Trains are great in Switzerland and this one was specifically breathtaking. One day I will take the Albula Train the whole route. I arrived in Surava and the host really was great. Excited for the Albula Pass!

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