Urigen, Uri (Switzerland)

Unterschächen, in Uri, Switzerland, is a serene village surrounded by the Swiss Alps. Known for its natural beauty and proximity to the iconic Klausen Pass, it offers a tranquil mountain retreat.
Weeks I stayed Urigen
Thu, 24. Aug 2023
Dramatic bike path near Fluelen

This one was a great one! From Sisikon to Urigen on the Klausenpass. Quite steep, but a lot of fun, and very beautiful. I split the Klausenpass on purpose, and was glad about it. Not late after I arrived at my hotel a big thunderstorm started. And I love passes, while exhausting, they’re almost a bit like meditation. More images the coming days.

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Fri, 25. Aug 2023
IMG 4037 1

Finishing the Klausenpass. The night was quite spectacular, a lot of thunderstorm and a lot of lightning once I arrived in Urigen. Very glad that I decided to split the pass, otherwise I might have ended in the middle of nowhere in these weather conditions. Originally I had planned a longer tour for that day, but decided to cut it a bit short with the help of the train.

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