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Fri, 25. Aug 2023

Day 141 - from Urigen to Fanas

Finishing the Klausenpass. The night was quite spectacular, a lot of thunderstorm and a lot of lightning once I arrived in Urigen. Very glad that I decided to split the pass, otherwise I might have ended in the middle of nowhere in these weather conditions. Originally I had planned a longer tour for that day, but decided to cut it a bit short with the help of the train.

Uri (Switzerland)

Graubünden (Switzerland)

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But first the pass. I always enjoy them, and I specially enjoy them, when you have somebody along the way who's doing the same uphill stretch at roughly the same speed. I have troubles going really slow, but I'm often taking a short break. So, I was meeting several times a guy in his seventies, who did the Klausenpass as well. Once I arrived, I passed a little house and he was waving at me. We had a little conversation, very enjoyable. Downhill was quite spectacular. Long stretches, amazing views and a lot of cows. Obviously. I took the shortcut with the train as well, as there was heavy rainfall announced. For the same reason I booked an AirBnB in Fanas for two nights. I'm not specifically keen on biking in the Alps with heavy rain and thunderstorms. Here again, just as I made my way up to Fanas, which was really quite steep, thunder started and I arrived just in time before the rain started. I ended staying a day longer in the super cute village of Fanas as the rain was super heavy and stretched out longer than expected.

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