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Mon, 12. Jun 2023

Day 86 - from Inverourie to Cuminestown

A rather short one. Booked the campsite for the wrong day and decided to take the train to Aberdeen and bike from there. Two old Dutch biketourists called it cheating. Well… I landed in Cuminestown with. Nice downhill with a bit of drizzle. Nice until I realised my campsite was at the top. But wasn’t too bad nd it reminded me to always double check destinations as Komoot is often off. Great campsite: a herd of border collies, a beauty table with a hair dryer and the potential to play 🏓

EuroVelo 1 - bike on a train to Inverourie
EuroVelo 1 - misty landscape in Eastern Scotland
EuroVelo 1 - local store in Cuminestown
EuroVelo 1 - gorse bushes on my campsite in Scotland
EuroVelo 1 - dogpark etiquette at the campsite in Cuminestown
EuroVelo 1 - Pingpong table at the campsite in Cuminestown
EuroVelo 1 - beauty table at the campsite
EuroVelo 1 - camping in Cuminestown
Mood: happy :)